Known for my raspy low voice and passion for eating leftovers, I’m on a mission to get the world excited about healthy habits and sustainable food. I work as the Cooking & Gardening Teacher at DC’s first green public charter school.

I also host Lunch Agenda, a radio show and podcast on Full Service Radio. Each episode is a virtual lunch date that offers listeners a chance to be food activists; they start with food news headlines and end with one “action item” to help us make better-informed food choices in our day to day lives. A few guests you might recognize include Mark Bittman, Marion Nestle, and Julia Turshen.

Prior, as Head of Marketing for the largest hunger nonprofit in the Washington, DC region, I helped provide 12% of our neighbors with nutritious food. I learned most of what I know about food and relationship-building as Marketing Director for San Francisco’s Bi-Rite, named “America’s most ambitious grocery” by Food + Wine. I have an undergrad degree from Stanford University and a Degree in Food Journalism from the French Culinary Institute. 

I believe that #foodisvaluable and that we have the power to fix our environment, revitalize neighborhoods, and reduce economic inequality all through eating right. 

I want my one-year-old daughter to grow up in a world where chicken farms don't pollute the river next door, where she can easily choose the healthiest milk at the grocery store, where people throw cheese rinds into a homemade broth pot instead of the trash bin. 

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