Kiko's Food News, 12.23.11

I’ll be keeping cozy in front of the Market all day tomorrow (we’re open 9-5)–come say hi. I’d love to hear your feedback on what kind of food news you’ve liked reading in 2011…or leave your comments here!

Carol your way to hungry–so many holiday songs are about delicious food! (full story)

Kraft is planning to roll out some 70 new products in the first quarter of 2012, including two lines of dinner kits, energy and “mocktail” versions of its water enhancers, and Philadelphia Indulgence Spreads which mixes chocolate with cream cheese for dipping (no comment): (full story)

The list of startups at the intersection of technology and food keeps growing, and in a sea of names like Foodbuzz, Foodcaching, Foodia, Foodily, Foodista, Foodler, Foodoro, Foodspotting, Foodtree, Fooducopia, and Foodzie, it’s challenging to find an edge: (full story)

Learn why apples, cabbage, and eggs are among the produce that lasts longest in your kitchen, plus other ways to avoid throwing out produce gone bad (#1: steer clear of pre-cut fruits and veggies!) : (full story)

Check out these TV ads by McDonalds, Perdue, and other huge food companies that focus on farmers, giving them a sense of salt-of-the-earth hero worship: (full story)