Kiko's Food News, 8.19.11

A bright start to the school lunch year in Greely, Colorado, where public school food service officials attended a culinary boot camp as part of their district-wide initiative to restore the lost art of cooking in cafeterias: (full story)

Food prices could level off at the end of the year because farmers are seeing less demand for corn and are expecting a big crop; this will slow general food price inflation (since so much of food is made from corn!): (full story)

Speaking of the farmers, Mark Bittman profiled a handful of new ones that feel “the pie is getting bigger and that the more people that get into this the better it will be for everyone”: (full story)

Whole Foods has opened its first Wellness Club at its Dedham, Mass. store; members can use the reference library, take a lifestyle evaluation, or “learn how to prepare a dish — such as mango quinoa porridge — from a chef in a sleek kitchen, and then head out into the store to find, and buy, the ingredients.”! (full story)

The outbreak of illness from turkey contaminated with antibiotic-resistant salmonella is reviving a debate over whether federal regulators need to curtail the use of antibiotics in livestock. The focus now is on whether the FDA will turn its guidance for limiting antibiotic use into mandatory rules for the industry: (full story)

And meanwhile, a recent study by the University of Maryland found that poultry farms that have made the transition from conventional to organic farming have significantly lower levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria than conventional poultry farms: (full story)

You know about Slow Food International but don’t ACTUALLY know about the projects they’re involved in? Take this home for weekend reading: their beautiful new electronic “almanac”, in Carlo Petrini’s words, “speaks about us and the land we live on: in other words, our true wealth”: (full story)