Kiko's Food News, 9.16.11

18 Reasons has officially moved into its new space next door to the Creamery! The Bay Citizen interviewed Rosie about the kind of programming it will allow for: (full story)

In the coming months, 7-11 stores will become drop spots for Amazon orders, which will be delivered to public lockers instead of left on doorsteps; what if the same system could be set up for CSA boxes? (full story)

A recent study on global forces that have created our “obesogenic environment” highlights how since 1900, the energy requirements for daily life have decreased substantially, while the food industry has made it easier for people to consume more calories throughout the day: (full story)

Sure school cafeterias can make their menus healthier, but if students react by choosing to buy “lunch” from snack trucks instead, where does it get us? (full story)

The US and the European Union announced a bilateral agreement to combat illegal fishing; this will be a hard one to track, since (due to its very nature) no one knows how much illegal fishing there even is! (full story)

Would you try meat grown in a science lab? In vitro meat might someday be an option for people with carnivorous inclinations who aren’t wild about the idea of killing and eating real animals: (full story)

Countdown to October 24th: Food Day will be a new, nationwide holiday (modeled after Earth Day). In response to what can often feel like a fragmented national food movement, organizers hope that “if we all host fairly simultaneous events and campaigns about food-system issues it will be clear that these issues are connected.”: (full story)