Kiko's Food News, 11.16.12

Goodbye Twinkies, Wonder Bread (and sorry Dad, goodbye Ding Dongs)! Hostess is liquidating its 82-year-old business due to a national strike on top of increasing consumer preferences for healthier food; a co-worker informs me that Amazon is almost sold out of Twinkies as of my writing this: (Wall Street Journal)

Mark Bittman laments how money played the leading role in preventing food movement triumphs in last week’s election, defeating both Prop 37 and the proposed soda taxes, and is confident that food mega-companies will continue spending to squelch local attempts to curb their dominance: (New York Times)

Oprah’s made millions on her food and health recommendations; her next venture may be her own line of frozen organic vegetables: (Forbes)

The sad human toll of factory farming was revealed by a study by the University of California, Davis which estimated that 254,000 people in the Tulare Basin and Salinas Valley, prime dairy producing regions, were at risk for nitrate contamination of their drinking water due to runoff from animal waste lagoons: (New York Times)

I spoke with Supermarket News about why we’re calling our new line of preserves, sauces, pickles, oils and more PUBLIC: (Supermarket News)

Today we’re taught to eat breakfast or else, but this historical review shows that, somehow, humans survived for centuries without it! (BBC)

Whole Foods Market has launched a travel company designed for active food lovers to experience “what travel should taste like”; Whole Journeys will offer guided trips through Europe, China and the U.S.: (Supermarket News)
Think your family has silly turkey day traditions? Check out some of the dishes US presidents have eaten at Thanksgiving: (Buzzfeed)