Kiko's Food News, 12.21.12

(Phewy, if you’re reading this I guess we’re all still here!)

Kiko’s favorite gift ideas (no shopping required):

  • Hands-on learning and cooking: 18 Reasons membership grants a year’s worth of discounts to 18 Reasons classes and treats at our supporting businesses: ($35-90,details here)

Can food, so often portrayed as the glue that binds a family together, also be the wedge that drives us apart? I loved this ode to the generational eating divide: (New York Times)

Deceptive restaurant menus got even fishier last week when an international organization dedicated to ocean conservation released a report that found tilapia and tilefish posing as red snapper, farmed salmon sold as wild, and escolar disguised as albacore tuna on New York menus: (New York Times)

The summer’s drought is now showing up in food prices, as the price for food on the producer price index jumped 1.3%, the largest gain since February 2011, and wholesale food prices have risen for six consecutive months: (Wall Street Journal)

Darjeeling growers have followed the example of Scottish whiskey distillers and French wineries, winning legal protection for the Darjeeling label under laws that limit the use of certain geographic names to products that come from those places: (New York Times)