Kiko's Food News, 5.25.12

The scientific practice of measuring food based on price-per-calorie isn’t getting us anywhere, since looking at foods that way makes a bag of chips (loads of calories, low price) seem like a better deal than a carton of strawberries (fewer calories, higher price); now researchers are starting to break down price based on portion size and weight: (full story, Business Insider)

Check out how many of the brands that surround us are owned by the top 10 multinationals: (full story, Huffington Post)
Seems like these days if you’re eating pizza in a brick and mortar restaurant, you’re way behind the times: (full story, Tasting Table)

Polyface Farm’s Joel Salatin urges Americans to reconnect with and prioritize our “ecological moorings” when confronted with the ragged edges of the local food distribution network, which don’t fit neatly into zoning and other regulatory definitions: (full story, Handpicked Nation)

Giant food suppliers have a real opportunity to affect our food system through their giant buying power, so it worries me to see one like Sodexo using “competing” sustainability labels as an excuse for not making responsible sourcing decisions: (full story, NPR)

You know gluten free has crossed the line to gourmet when big time chefs are featuring it on their menus; many are serving Thomas Keller’s new gluten free pasta: (full story, Tasting Table)

I was interested by some of the items on this list of top vegetarian proteins to work into our diets; did you know Greek yogurt can contain up to twice the amount of protein as the regular stuff, and a cup of spinach contains more than 5 grams of protein? (full story, Huffington Post)