Kiko's Food News, 7.6.12

Old models for how food is sold and farms get financed are being reworked, and more predictable revenue streams are creating an economic argument for local farming that used to be more of a lifestyle choice: (full story, NY Times)

Isn’t the dialogue that’s been sparked around the health of mega soda exciting? The soft-drink industry has launched an aggressive campaign to fight New York City’s proposed restrictions, introducing a radio ad featuring “Noo Yawk”-accented actors proclaiming, “This is about protecting our freedom of choice”: (full story, NY Times)

I’m rooting for the success of Hayes Valley Bakeworks, a new nonprofit bakery and cafe that goes beyond baked goods to offer a culinary training program for disabled, homeless or at-risk employees: (full story, SF Weekly)

A predictive report on where Americans will be buying groceries in the future if current trends continue forecasts less time in the grocery-store aisles, more in the dollar store or online: (full story, Forbes)

After eight years of debate and diplomacy, a consortium of environmental organizations and commercial fishing executives has developed the first comprehensive global standards for salmon farming, which specifies 100 fish-farming standards to be implemented later this year by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council: (full story, NY Times)