Kiko's Food News, 6.21.13

 Proud of my home state CT for being the first to pass a bill requiring food manufacturers to label products that contain genetically modified ingredients (with some stipulations): (New York Times)

Yet another reason not to waste food: a new report showed how inside the 1.3 billion tons of food wasted every year worldwide is 45 trillion gallons of water–that’s wasting 24% of all water used for agriculture! (NPR)

Guess what we can Google now: nutrition info for any food in existence! Type your favorite food in the search bar–the return page has it all: (Tech Crunch)

Processed food companies like McDonald’s and Kraft have realized eaters interpret perfect-looking food as artificial, so now they’re mass-manufacturing food to look slightly flawed or asymmetrical to read as homemade: (ABC News)

In San Fran’s footsteps, Bloomberg is rolling out an ambitious plan to begin collecting food scraps; New York City has historically diverted only about 15% of its residential waste away from landfills, but recent pilot programs have shown an unexpectedly high level of participation: (New York Times)

And all you fellow Tamale Lady fans should know that she’s no longer allowed to peddle her steamy wares at Zeitgeist due to city codes; she’s not sure what direction to take her business in next, so we’ll hungrily stand by: (SFist)