Kiko's Food News, 7.5.13

Will the American Medical Association’s new classification of obesity as a disease derail progress that the food and restaurant industries have made in introducing healthier options? (Forbes)

Similarly, this viewpoint on how we can fight obesity is counter to what we usually hear from Pollan, Bittman and the like: the author argues that wholesome food is responsible for making people fat too, and that the food-industrial complex can make healthy changes to most readily help at-risk American eaters: (The Atlantic)

The USDA approved a label for meat and liquid egg products that indicates the absence of genetically engineered products; it’s the first time that the department has approved a non-G.M.O. label claim: (New York Times)

The California egg industry faces ruin due to the dichotomy between what voters say they want vs. the reality of how they shop: (Modern Farmer)

Yelp is teaming up with public-health officials to make health ratings count: the company will start by making the raw data of San Francisco’s municipal restaurant inspections–already technically public–really public on a visible consumer platform: (The Atlantic)

In an unprecedented governmental move that sets a legal right to food, the Indian cabinet passed a Food Security Bill which will guarantee cheap grain for 67% of India’s population, or about 800 million people: (Sydney Morning Herald)