Kiko's Food News, 8.16.13

Do you enjoy "tooth-rattlingly crunchy" chips or "chewy" drinks? If so the Big Food companies are on to you, as they're learning that texture is often as important as taste or flavor in consumers' food choices: (Wall Street Journal

The first non-profit grocery store, operated by a food bank, has opened in Santa Rosa, CA and hopes to give low-income customers a more "dignified" shopping experience at prices that beat major grocery stores: (Press Democrat)

If you're already on the amaranth train, you're ahead of the curve: this bushy plant, which Science Magazine named "crop of the future" in 1977, has nutritious seeds that can be made into a flour and may help reverse Mexico's trending obesity: (National Geographic)

The Obama administration released long-awaited proposals aimed at ensuring that food imported to the US--up to 15 % of our food supply--meet U.S. safety standards; domestic importers would for the first time have to vouch for the food-safety practices of their overseas suppliers: (Press Telegram)

A juicy deep dive into how San Francisco's Good Eggs runs business, and a preview into a new market that will have roaming cashiers like an Apple store: (SF Weekly)