Kiko's Food News, 8.30.13

Will burger prices go up if fast food workers' wages are increased? I think they darn well should, as they've been artificially low when you consider the lesser known costs that go into putting food on our plates: (Los Angeles Times)

Walmart will soon offer full benefits to its employees' domestic partners, including those of the same sex, in all 50 states; as they control about 35% of the American grocery market, I say this qualifies as Food News, and even if this is a "business decision", I'll take it! (Forbes)

As cities start banning foam containers, Dunkin Donuts is getting with the program and taking action to replace their horrific styrofoam cups with ones that have a better environmental footprint while, of course, keeping the price cheap: (San Francisco Chronicle

Colleges are beginning to offer fitness- and wellness-themed dorms that offer exercise, nutrition and substance-free pledges: (Washington Post)

A look at how five current international food insecurity emergencies have the potential to impact hundreds of millions of people and dramatically escalate complex emergencies: (Devex)

As summer winds down and we look to squeeze the best out of its produce bounty, this article came in with a good dose of inspiration, such as cutting the greens off so they stop drawing moisture from the veggie: (Greatist)