Kiko's Food News, 9.27.13

Crazy but possible that in our lifetime, instead of cooking up dinner, we may be able to print it!? (New York Times)

A report showed how food that's allowed to rot is creating billions of tons of greenhouse gases, with an interesting spotlight on what kind of foods are wasted in various regions of the world: (NPR)

It's this kind of information that has led the former president of Trader Joe's to open an inspiring new market that will prepare and repackage produce that's slightly past its sell-by date--but still edible!--at deeply discounted prices: (NPR)

Drones (aka unmanned aerial vehicles), formerly a thing of military use, will soon be used by farmers to see their corn, wheat and other crops from a new angle and thereby react to changing conditions more quickly: (Fast Company)

A Gallup study showed that lack of access to food in and of itself doesn't matter when it comes to obesity; having a lower income is the dominant factor in an American's increased likelihood to be obese: (Gallup)

The world's most celebrated chefs met with seed breeding specialists at what might go down in history as the genesis of the seed-to-table movement; the ability of these breeders to create nutrient-rich, flavorful new breeds could be an old-school alternative to genetically modified plants: (New York Times)