Kiko's Food News, 9.6.13

Anyone fancy a Union Jack made of scones, cream and jam? Flags are always fun to look at, but best when constructed from food characteristic of its country: (Visual News)

To explain how chefs pair ingredients, scientists created a flavor map with lines connecting foods with common components; it shows that Western chefs tend to pair ingredients with shared flavor compounds, while recipes from East Asia tend to combine ingredients with few overlapping flavors: (Scientific American)

This guy took the US map, pinged Google Maps for the nearest grocery store at regular intervals, and drew lines ending at the nearest; long lines denote areas with fewer grocery stores, a sign of food deserts: (Flowing Data)

Google is using data analysis to get its employees to drink more water and eat less M&Ms; even though management believes food brings people together, they don't want staff to eat so often that it reduces their efficiency! (Daily Mail)

Cultures throughout history have ritualized the food that should be eaten at funerals; this is an interesting tour of "sad food", from Belgian dark chocolate cake to Amish raisin pie: (Utne Reader)