Kiko's Food News, 11.22.14

If more and more evidence is showing that milk consumption may be unhelpful or even detrimental for adults, why does the USDA still recommend that we drink three cups a day? (New York Times)

Researchers who surveyed 9,500 subjects found those who reported cooking dinner at home most frequently (6 to 7 times a week) consumed “significantly fewer” calories than those who relied more heavily on restaurant meals and frozen foods: (Civil Eats)

A study found that greater focus on emotional training, versus nutritional training, may be the key to changing eating habits for weight loss: (Food Navigator)

Tracie McMillan again deftly explores the intersection of food and poverty when she examines Whole Foods Detroit; while the store’s executives claim to serve "all of Detroit" with lower prices, McMillan estimates 5-12% of sales go to food stamp customers in a city where 38% are enrolled in the federal program: (Slate)

An avant-garde San Francisco restaurant is setting itself apart through its “living pantry”; herbs float in a closed-loop aquaponic system right up until they’re harvested and served: (Civil Eats)