Kiko's Food News, 4.4.14

If you’re feeling jaded about star chefs or the ubiquity of supper clubs, watch this 15-year old chef mastermind an haute-cuisine restaurant out of his parents’ San Fernando Valley house: (New York Times)

Spoiler Alert, a mobile app coming out of MIT’s business school, uses a sharing economy model to redirect landfill-bound waste to people in need by connecting every major player in the food-supply chain: (Bloomberg)

High-tech silk stickers made of edible protein may soon be used to tell us when food is no longer safe to consume; whatever happened to good old sight, smell and touch? (Ag Funder News)

The complications of immigration policy are exemplified in California’s Central Valley, where nearly all farmworkers are immigrants, roughly half of them illegal; farmers there feel that immigration laws prevent them from fielding a reliable work force, crippling their business: (New York Times)

All of you entrepreneurial, big ideas types will probably want to make sure you’ve checked out this roundup of the “Ten Most Innovative Companies in Food”: (Fast Company)

As McDonalds and other chains commit to selling only sustainable beef, the multi-industry Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef is trying to give shape to what the term actually means: (Bloomberg)