Kiko's Food News, 5.2.14

Having just returned from grasshopper grazing in Mexico, I’m ready for Six Foods, a new sustainable insect-based foods startup that’s preparing to sell salty, protein-packed cricket chips: (Six Foods)

A study showed how hunger doesn’t come from our stomachs alone; it revealed that we need our active memories to know when to begin and end a meal, and how foods with rough textures feel healthier even when they have the exact same nutritional qualities as softer versions: (Atlantic)

How lazy can people get in the morning? General Mills thinks we’re getting too lazy to boil water, based on its plans to start selling oatmeal capsules that can be cooked with a countertop Keurig coffee machine; Cambell’s soup in a capsule is next: (Wall Street Journal)

Although the FDA has approved the use of radiation to wipe out pathogens in dozens of foods, the treatment has barely caught on in the United States; irradiation may zap bacteria out of food effectively, but is counter to our movement away from industrial food processing as the same energy that kills bacteria can also alter the chemical structure of food and create carcinogens: (Washington Post)

Gas is good! Apparently, fiber-rich foods that cause it are the same ones that supply microbes in our gut with needed nutrients; beans, lentils, cabbage and the like boost levels of beneficial gut bacteria after only a few days: (NPR)

Abusive practices towards migrant tomato workers have all but disappeared thanks to the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, which has forged partnerships with companies like McDonald’s and Walmart to improve conditions in the fields: (New York Times