Moms Helping Moms

As I write this, I'm having one of those surreal moments where I can't believe that "Mom" refers to me! I still feel like the teenage girl sweating over my dance recital, or the college grad hoofing it through the streets of New York City in pursuit of new flavors and new friends....but I guess it is true, and I am lucky enough to fully embrace motherhood.

I made my TV debut as mom, and more importantly baby Anna-Magnolia made hers, last month in hopes of getting eyes on the Capital Area Food Bank's Mother's Day fundraising campaign. Channel 9 visited the CAFB's garden and filmed us alongside the amazing Agatha Achindu, founder of Yummy Spoonfuls and role model to many. Our little moment of fame begins 45 seconds into this clip:

The TV station ended up airing it after Mother's Day, hence the awkward disconnect between visuals and narration. And what's with the camera angle on my interview? Alas, we cannot control how the media picks up what we're putting down :-)