Kiko's Food News, 10.14.11

Campaigns for the labeling of food containing GMOs are gaining momentum, and polls show overwhelming consumer support for labels.  Still, neither Congress, the FDA, nor the USDA have been willing to respond, even though Obama was caught on camera promising to label GMO food (unprecedented for a sitting president)!(full story)

One of the campaigns, called “justlabelit”, debuted this parody of a family blindly eating a dinner they can’t tell what’s in: (full story)

Sesame Street is airing a special episode on hunger in America; in it Lily, a new 7-year-old girl muppet, talks about growing up in a home where there wasn’t enough food, helps Elmo and friends plan a food drive, and visits a community garden with new pals Elmo and Rosita to see how food can be grown locally: (full story)

A Huffington Post column debates the hypocrisy of anti-Wall Street protesters welcoming free Ben & Jerry’s pints, and eating McDonald’s and other “corporate” food; should we just be happy that this movement questioning economic justice means activists who may also push the envelope with food system issues? (full story)

Not your standard champions for the local food movement: Indie-singer Karen O was commissioned by Chipotle’s Cultivate Foundation to create a viral music video raising awareness about the economic hardship family farmers face in our industrialized  agriculture system: (full story)

Can the TOMS Shoes business model work with organic food? A New York food company is giving away a dozen eggs for every dozen sold: (full story)

Community Action Marin FoodWorks, a small batch co-packing company, is helping Marin farmers turn their produce into jellies, jams, sauces and salsas, giving them a shelf life far beyond the growing season and a value-added product to take to the farmers market in the winter time: (full story)

A new study that looked at indicators of impatience for the same population determined that impatient individuals are more likely to be obese than people who are good at waiting: (full story)

P.S. Want to see what Kiko’s up to when not writing food news? Etsy thought my “leave no leftover behind” mantra was worth blogging about: (full story)