Kiko's Food News, 9.30.11

Cooking is fun! Mark Bittman made a big statement in his NY Times Op Ed challenging the notion of junk food being cheaper than real food; by this argument, the primary obstacle to healthier eating is people’s resistance to cooking at home: (full story)

For your own cooking inspiration, you might try black pepper and these other hot “new” ingredients next time you’re whipping up a dessert: (full story)

CUESA sent a photographer to get an inside view of Catalán Family Farm, and turned it into this great photo story (our produce section wouldn’t be the same without the veggies and fruits that Maria and Juan send us!) : (full story)

They also announced the launch of the California Agricultural Almanac, a “central hub for information about vegetable, fruit and nut specialty crops in California. ” (full story)

Outlets that specialize in quick and cheap daytime meals have been experimenting with adding high-margin alcohol to their menus to combat the rough economy, but the logistics have been prohibitive and customers just aren’t reaching for a Cabernet with their Whopper: (full story)

Those Dutch are always pushing the innovation envelope: the new Park Supermarket will stock everything you’d find in a typical grocery store on 4,000 acres of agrarian land in Holland’s largest metropolitan region; instead of plucking your assorted vegetables and rice off a shelf, you’ll get them fresh out of the ground! (full story)

In a case of widespread food distribution spun out of control, the deadliest food illness outbreak in more than a decade has led to 16 deaths and many more sick from possible listeria traced to Colorado cantaloupes that were shipped to a laundry list of 25 states:(full story)

And the U.S.D.A. recalled 40,000 lbs. of frozen ground beef products shipped to Georgia because of possible contamination with E. coli O157:H7 bacteria. The frozen meat was produced by Palo Duro Meat in Amarillo, Texas, and shipped to two warehouses in Georgia for further distribution to institutions, including six public school districts: (full story)