Kiko's Food News, 10.26.12

Updates from our Yes! On Prop 37 campaign:

Check out the new California Right To Know ad–we need to share it widely to counter the millions spent by Monsanto and huge food conglomerates on TV-ads!

Alice Waters’ chefs’ petition in support of Prop 37 has been endorsed by over 100 top notch chefs including Dan Barber, Mario Batali, Jacques Pépin, Joyce Goldstein, Charles Phan, and our own Sam Mogannam–spread the word! (full story, New York Times)

An encouraging study demonstrated a decreased need for chemicals in agriculture, showing that longer crop rotations produced better yields of corn and soy, reduced the need for nitrogen fertilizer and herbicides by up to 88%, reduced the amounts of toxins in groundwater 200-fold, and didn’t reduce profits by a single cent: (full story, New York Times)


A lot of working women are still rushing home from work each night to cook dinner; a study indicated they spend more than twice as long (35 minutes) as working men (15 minutes) whipping up meals and cleaning up afterwards: (full story, NPR)

I’m inspired by the domino theory of public health–how one city or state’s putting a stake in the ground on an issue will influence others; our neighbor cities Richmond and El Monte have put the soda tax on their Nov. 6 ballot! (full story, New York Times)

Just when we thought the Rome police had better things to do than to stop people from eating a sandwich, a new ordinance outlawed eating and drinking at the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and other areas of historic, artistic or cultural value in Rome’s center: (full story, New York Times)

Only a few decades ago, many doctors and nutritionists warned that nuts should be eaten on special occasions and only sparingly, but have since revised their recommendations; here’s a breakdown of how our favorite nuts stack up health wise: (full story, LA Times)