Kiko's Food News, 11.2.12

Don’t forget to vote Yes on Prop 37 Tuesday–and to visit the Creamery Saturday or Sunday for a 37-cent scoop of non-GMO Caramel Apple!

One side effect of the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Sandy is a new unintentional fleet of “emergency response” mobile food providers: New York City’s food trucks are serving areas of the city that remain without power: (full story, Business Week)

Did you know that oysters once protected the New England coastline from storm surges? As storms like Sandy grow stronger and more frequent, our shorelines have become more vulnerable as the bivalve population has diminished: (full story, New York Times)

It’s been a year since Occupy Oakland–so what remains of the movement? Our own Sam Mogannam and Brahm Ahmadi of People’s Community Market penned this op-ed which presents a new kind of grassroots investment for community change: (full story, San Francisco Chronicle)

Heritage seed-inspired fashion? The couple who runs the largest mail-order heirloom seed business in the US is bringing back pioneer chic: (full story, Grist)

The biggest Italian dinner in history: Parmigiano-Reggiano promoters are organizing a national sit-down dinner in homes and restaurants across Italy to  revitalize the Parma region and its cheese making tradition: (full story, NPR)