Kiko's Food News, 10.5.12

Guess who Chiquita has chosen to run their fruit and vegetable business? A former cleaning fluids CEO (and we wonder how huge food companies end up prioritizing profit over the well being of the people they feed!): (full story, Wall Street Journal)

The number of farms around the country has risen over the past decade (4% from 2002 to 2007), the first increase since the Great Depression pushed Americans into the fields in the 1930′s: (full story, Washington Post)

With millions of Hong Kong consumers worried about the safety of fruits, veggies and meats coming from mainland China, more are tending plots on rooftops and balconies; organic food stores are opening across the city, and there are about 100 certified organic farms in Hong Kong (vs. zero organic farms seven years ago): (full story, New York Times)

A study revealed that the only improved yield attributable to GMO crops is pesticide yield; genetically engineered crops led to a 404 million pound increase in pesticides between 1996 and 2011: (full story, CA Right to Know)

The White House announced that César Chávez, the late United Farm Workers founder, will be honored with a national monument named for him; Obama also declared March 31 to be César Chávez Day last year, both a welcome celebration of a champion for farm workers rights: (full story, Tucson Sentinel)