Kiko's Food News, 9.28.12

Have you confirmed your polling place for November 6th? With less than six weeks until election day, a poll showed that Prop 37 is likely to pass, supported by 61% of voters and opposed by 25%! ((full story, LA Times)

Governor Jerry Brown signed the Homemade Food Act into law, allowing Californians to make certain foods and baked goods at home and sell them to stores, restaurants and directly to consumers: (full story, LA Times)

It’s estimated that one of two tomatoes eaten in the US comes from Mexico, but that might change as the US Department of Commerce considers ending a 16-year-old agreement with Mexican growers that has kept the price of their tomatoes so low for American consumers (low enough that American growers can’t compete): (full story, New York Times)

The new Local Food/Tech Landscape is an interactive infographic that categorizes food & technology innovations by their role in the emerging alternative food system, whether it’s farming, aggregating, distributing, finding or buying; with the proliferation of start-ups in the local food and technology space, I have to admit this gives me a sense of order! (full story, Food Hub)

A new crowd-sourced map for finding antibiotic-free meat can help lead you to cleaner meals no matter where you are in the country: (full story, Fast Company)

If you’re one to choose a college for its dining options, check out this semi-scientific list of the best colleges for food in America; from tandoori ovens to on-site bakeries and meat shops to on-campus gardens with grills so students can BBQ on a whim, we’ve sure come a long way: (full story, FOX News)