Kiko's Food News, 9.21.12

As Non-GMO Month (October) and the Prop 37 Vote (November 6th) approach, the GMO labeling debate is heating up!

The first long-term feed trial exploring the health impacts of eating GMO corn and Roundup found that “safe” levels of each caused tumors, organ damage and premature death in lab rats, at odds with the ag-biotech industry’s mantra that GMOs are safe to eat: (full story, Sustainable Food Trust)

Mark Bittman predicts that if California votes Yes on 37, requiring labeling of GMO-containing foods, food manufacturers will reformulate their products using non-GMO ingredients and research in all fields of agriculture may increase: (full story, New York Times)

But it’s shocking to see companies behind some of the biggest organic brands we know–Kashi, Cascadian Farm, Horizon Organic and more–opposing labeling and contributing millions of dollars to defeat Prop 37: (full story, New York Times)


Did you know coffee is the most widely traded agricultural commodity in the world? Thanksgiving Coffee Company, a few hours north of us in Fort Bragg, is trying to minimize its impact in CO2 emissions through a new Carrotmob campaign; if successful, they’ll attempt to become the first coffee company in modern times to ship via wind power: (full story, Carrotmob)

Makers of snacks, sweet drinks and candy have long been under pressure to limit advertising to minors on TV and the web; now they’re reaching kids by embedding their products in games for phones and tablets, which is cheaper than TV commercials and so far unregulated: (full story, Wall Street Journal)

A new report projected that half of U.S. adults will be obese by 2030 unless Americans change their ways; currently, 36% of adults and 17% percent of children age 2-19 are considered obese: (full story, Reuters)

So what’s the best way for our government to fight this? This article debates whether banning mega sodas is going too far: (full story, Wall Street Journal)