Kiko's Food News, 4.13.12

The Tokyo-based company that makes methyl iodide used by strawberry farmers has withdrawn the controversial fumigant from the U.S. market, a victory for public health and the environment: (full story)

Although physicians are on the front lines of the nation’s diabetes and obesity crises, many graduate from medical school with little knowledge of nutrition, let alone cooking; cue a much-needed new group of physicians, public health researchers and distinguished chefs that seeks to tear down the wall between “healthy” and “crave-able” cuisine: (full story)

Fascinating to see the way Google uses its analytical toolbox to strategically encourage employees to eat healthier at work: (full story)

The Humane Society released the results of an undercover investigation into Kreider Farms, a major factory farm that produces 4.5 million eggs each day for supermarkets like ShopRite; findings included the fact that it’s hard for workers to breathe because of the ammonia from manure pits, 11 hens were jammed into a cage about 2 ft by 2 ft, and hens with their heads stuck in the wire are left to die (full story)

Saturday Night Live takes a jab at the packaged food industry in this skit where Kristen Wiig tries to pass fake pizza off as “food”: (full story)