Kiko's Food News, 4.6.12

Turns out today’s my birthday (full moon/Passover/Easter weekend special!), and last night my wise younger brother was talking about how with age comes the ability to improve, every day. So I ask you, my readers, to help me improve Kiko’s Food News. What do you want to read more about? What would make this information more digestible, more relevant to your lives, more TASTY? Reply with a comment to this post and let me know!

Experts have promoted the fishing and eating of smaller fish that are lower on the food chain as the way to avoid depleting our oceans of larger, over-fished species, but a new study calls for a cap on forage fish fishing, saying the catch should be cut in half for some fisheries to protect populations of both the fish and the natural predators that depend on them: (full story)

You know a trend has really caught on when Williams-Sonoma launches a product line around it: “Agrarian” includes an array of garden tools, cheese making supplies, bee hives, and resources for how to raise chickens: (full story)

Roberto Romano’s film The Harvest/La Cosecha , which was screened across the country for Farmworker Awareness Week, informs us that nearly 500,000 children as young as six harvest up to 25% of all crops in the US: (full story)

Packaged baby food may not be as healthy as it seems as many brands that have veggies prominently displayed on the front actually list fruit as the main ingredient, masking surprisingly high sugar content: (full story)

As U.S. pork producers build new barns and retrofit old ones to give hogs more space, they say consumers opposed to keeping pregnant sows in tight cages can expect to pay for their clearer consciences with higher food prices (we know that more sustainable practices are more expensive, looks like it’s time to put our money where our mouth is!):(full story)

Ya know when men save a little food in their beard for later? This is kinda like that: (full story)