Kiko's Food News, 1.18.13

Coca-Cola Co. released a new TV commercial (check it out) that highlights its efforts in fighting obesity; it mentions how they sell about 180 low- and no-calorie drinks, and reminds viewers that “all calories count no matter where they come from”: (Reuters)

But Marion Nestle calls their bluff, saying that if they really want to reverse their impact on obesity, they need to stop targeting their marketing towards kids and low income minorities: (Food Politics)

London’s leading department store launched an out-of-the-box campaign with a “no noise” theme, and is now offering logo-free products, headspace pods and a Silence Room where the walls are soundproofed, electronic devices are forbidden, and meditation is encouraged! (Fast Company)

Grocery shoppers are less likely to complain to company management than shoppers for other goods and services, as a study found that 46% of grocery shoppers do not report bad experiences to their grocers, vs. 24% of banking customers and 21% of media customers: (Supermarket News)

Traditionally a reliable source of profit, cigarette sales are waning at 7-Eleven and other convenience stores, and food, with higher margins, is rising to take its place: (Bloomberg)

For the first time, an American whiskey (a single-malt from Waco, TX) won Best in Glass, beating nine others, including Scottish classics, in a blind panel of spirits experts: (New York Times)