Kiko's Food News, 1.25.13

Have a pint and change the world: the beer-for-charity movement has beer halls across the country channeling profits towards philanthropy: (New York Times)

A modern day, all-American Jean Valjean? Dave’s Killer Bread, about to launch nationally after huge success in the Northwest, was started after its co-founder finished a 15-year prison term; his loafs contain ingredients like flax, sunflower and sesame seeds, and blue cornmeal: (Fast Company)

The international appetite for quinoa has pushed prices so high that poorer people in Peru and Bolivia, for whom it was once a nourishing staple food, can no longer afford to eat it; in Lima, quinoa now costs more than chicken, leaving locals with imported junk food as the more affordable option: (The Guardian)

A new study of 200 families revealed links between mealtime behaviors and children’s weight, finding that children who regularly sat down for family meals were more likely to have a healthy weight compared to those whose mealtimes were cut short: (Medical Daily)

For most eaters, there’s a place and time for it all, and the Corner Stourmet is a new column that classes up Fritos, Spam and other corner store staples for those moments when a lapse from fresh is good for the soul: (The Bold Italic)