Kiko's Food News, 2.1.13

The United Nations launched a “Think-Eat-Save” campaign to reduce global food waste (which it estimates at 1.3 billion tons a year), calling on eaters to take logical steps like making a shopping list to avoid impulse buys, freezing leftovers, and embracing “funny” looking fruit and veggies: (Grist)

One author explores how the simple act of eating differently is radically changing race relations in America, as diverse communities interact in newly forming local food economies: (GOOD)

McDonald’s fish sandwiches and “McBites” will soon have a blue Eco-label from the Marine Stewardship Council, which is auditing to verify their fish comes only from sustainably caught Alaskan Pollock; this will boost the Council’s visibility, but will such a market-based approach result in declining stocks? (Los Angeles Times)

Cheesemongers are a new group within society’s creative class, many responsible for some of the most amusing writing on the market; fun to read different descriptions of Red Hawk and some of our other favorites! (New York Times)

The Good Food Awards, founded here in SF and gaining momentum around the country, will fulfill its vision of changing Americans’ perception of the price and value of food by creating demand for foods that at first glance appear to be expensive, but whose value is revealed as we are educated about the labor-intensive practices and quality of ingredients within them: (Huffington Post)

Two of my favorite chef experts on traditional, economical and resourceful cooking shared juicy tips for making the best broth possible, such as adding raw chicken parts for gelatin and roasting bones before simmering: (Smithsonian)