Kiko's Food News, 2.8.13

There are so many ways to cut the grocery bill but still buy healthy foods wherever we shop; here are ten, and at Bi-Rite we also recommend making a shopping list to avoid impulse buys: (Huffington Post)

Residents of low-income neighborhoods across the country are rallying to get healthy food into their communities, thus proving that it’s not elitist: (Civil Eats)

L.A. public school students faced off in healthful cooking as their district entered the Cooking up Change contest for the first time this year as part of an effort to give students a larger voice in its healthful school food initiative: (Los Angeles Times)

Reuse–and re-wash–your shopping bags! A study concluded that a spike in emergency room visits and 46% increase in deaths due to food-borne illnesses following S.F.’s plastic bag ban was due to harmful bacteria in reusable grocery bags: (Fox News)

As a pronunciation snob myself, I was amused by this list of 10 commonly mis-pronounced foods (I think I’ve been botching “gnocchi”!): (Huffington Post)

Food fraud (addition or replacement of a stated, safe ingredient with something unknown) happens all over the grocery world; here are 10 common pantry staples that have been at the center of food fraud reports in recent decades: (The Daily Meal)