Kiko's Food News, 2.22.13

How has a tasting moment called the “bliss point” caused such a deterioration in public nutrition? An in-depth report on the industrial formulations and selling campaigns that get people hooked on convenient, inexpensive processed foods: (New York Times)

Supermarkets lose an estimated $15 billion each year in fruit and veggies alone; enter Food Star, a start-up that’s partnering with retailers to redirect food in-store before it’s wasted by sending flash sale emails to notify shoppers when they can buy perishables at extreme savings: (Green Biz)

A new cattle drug called Zilmax is being widely used in the industrial feedlots where most of America’s beef comes from, part of a new regime for raising cattle that emphasizes higher production and cost-cutting wherever possible: (Slate)

From grocer to travel agency? Whole Foods has kicked off a travel venture called Whole Journeys that promises authentic food and food experiences for active travelers, from a culinary tour of Idaho’s Salmon River to tea ceremonies in China: (LA Times)

Re-thinking salt’s place in our cooking: my good friend Jess Goldman Foung has written a book that shows, through brilliant recipes, how salt is just a single “spice” on the rack, and how choosing to remove it makes room for other exciting flavor combinations: (Huffington Post)