Kiko's Food News, 10.11.13

Do you shop at Cracker Barrel or Whole Foods, and what does that say about your politics? Interesting to think about why the businesses we patronize may correlate with our allegiances: (NPR)

California’s cities will have a new policy tool to support urban agriculture come January, thanks to the new Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones Act: (CUESA)

The juicing trend has officially passed the tipping point, with Starbucks opening a $70-million factory to churn out 140,000 gallons of juice a week for their Evolution Fresh brand: (Los Angeles Times)

The UK’s food and drink federation is requiring manufacturers to open their doors to school children as part of its new “see inside manufacturing” program; the production line at Coke, Mars, and Nestle should open some eyes! (Food Navigator)

Speaking of Nestle, the one that ends with a short “e”--public health advocate and famous school lunch lady Marion Nestle--has written a new book, Eat, Drink, Vote, in support of a national food system that prioritizes health and the environment over corporate profits: (Civil Eats)

P.S. I know I sound like a broken record, but please consider donating to Civil Eats! Less than a week to reach their Kickstarter goal, and I truly believe that future Americans will eat better if they survive: (Throw em a bone HERE)