Kiko's Food News, 10.25.13

A recent study shows that Oreo cookies can be as addictive in lab rats as cocaine or morphine: (Los Angeles Times)

Meanwhile, new research suggests that bombarding people with ads for junk food may not be brainwash them as critics thought; it finds that people who look at too many pictures of food will find it less enjoyable and eventually, stop buying it due to satiation: (Fast Company

Mark Bittman argues that to avoid and handle salmonella outbreaks like the recent one from Foster Farm, the F.D.A. must disallow the use of prophylactic antibiotics in animal production, and the U.S.D.A. must consider salmonella an “adulterant” whose presence on foods is sufficient to take them off the market: (New York Times

More than $1 billion in compensation is going out to black farmers who faced discrimination by the U.S.D.A. in the past, when they were denied loans for farm operation, ownership, and equipment: (NPR)

A McDonald’s employee of ten years was arrested recently for asking the president of the company to talk about why wages are as low as they are; she's a leader in the movement to get a raise in the minimum wage: (Upworthiest)

Japan’s Prime Minister wants to turn the nation's reputation for expensive but high-quality foods into a new export opportunity to combat a shrinking domestic market; just as France exports fine wine, his aims for Japan to become world famous for its painstakingly cultivated fruit, rice, beef and sake: (Wall Street Journal)