Kiko's Food News, 11.15.13

The Environmental Working Group revealed that the federal government paid $11.3 million in taxpayer-funded farm subsidies from 1995 to 2012 to 50 billionaires (or businesses in which they have some form of ownership)--ouch: (New York Times)

The first ever Sriracha Festival offered sriracha ice cream and sriracha cocktails, but the hot sauce's growing popularity has led to a lawsuit from neighbors angered with the inflammatory fumes emitted by its humungous new factory: (CBS News)

British Airways is introducing umami as the new ingredient it hopes can pep up perennially bland airline food; they consulted with chef Chef Heston Blumenthal to overcome the 30% loss in tasting ability that results from dry cabin pressure and altitude: (Wall Street Journal)

A UN panel said that rising global temperatures will make it harder for crops to thrive, potentially reducing overall production by as much as 2% each decade and driving up prices at a time when the demand for food is expected to soar: (New York Times)

Consumers are increasingly willing to pay over $10 for cold-pressed-juices, bringing the craze from small-batch to mass-produced; Iā€™m with Marion Nestle, who says "it's a lot of money, why not have a salad?": (Wall Street Journal)