Kiko's Food News, 11.22.13

Let's Move, Moscow! To promote the Olympics in Sochi, city officials there are letting people ride the subway free if they do 30 squats: (Fast Company)

Have we been remiss in throwing out our apple cores all these years? Some are arguing that the core is merely a “product of society,” and that eating it could save Americans $13.2 billion worth of fruit: (The Atlantic)

A movement is emerging amongst Native Americans to bring back the food of their ancestors--from a salad of raw cattails to meatloaf made of venison & bison--to confront a loss of traditional culture and rise in diet-related ailments: (Al-jazeera)

A Bronx woman has made it her mission to bring upscale grocery stores to the Bronx by using Google Glasses to prove that outdated perceptions are to blame for her neighborhood's nutritional misfortune: (New York Daily News)

After 85 years, antibiotics are growing impotent; so what would agriculture (80% of antibiotics are used on farm animals), medicine and everyday life look like if we lose these drugs entirely? (Medium)