Kiko's Food News, 11.29.13

For me, Black Friday usually equals too many Americans buying too many things we don't need; this year though, today is an opportunity for those who suffer from capitalism's extremes to speak up for their rights, as Walmart workers are staging the biggest day of protests in Walmart's history, asking for higher wages, more full-time jobs and an end to employer retaliation: (The Hill

This accompanies growing public acknowledgement for the inequalities faced by these workers, due in part to figures like Ashton Kutcher who attacked Walmart on Twitter this week over the heinous discrepancy between profits and wages: (Salon)

A restaurant owner in an Arab village outside of Jerusalem is on a mission to save culinary culture by offering diners a 50% discount if they turn off their cellphones at the door; he's clearly a trailblazer, as his restaurant also once won the Guinness World Record for the largest plate of hummus! (Huffington Post)

Scientists are working to build a "better" egg, one that's stocked with fatty acids, vitamins, and calcium; they're trying to increase the buttery taste of the yolk and to develop shells that are uniform and strong: (Wall Street Journal)

The Norwegian military is fighting climate change with a new Meatless Mondays rollout, estimating that it can cut its meat consumption by more than 330,000 pounds a year if the program extends to all units at home and abroad: (The Atlantic