Kiko's Food News, 12.13.13

The FDA has finally approved a strong recommendation for livestock producers to stop using antibiotics that are medically important in humans as growth promoters: (Civil Eats)

Reports are revealing that milk from organic dairies contains far more of the fatty acids that contribute to a healthy heart than conventional milk; this is the most clear-cut instance of an organic food's offering a nutritional advantage over its conventional counterpart: (New York Times)

Major food companies are gobbling each other up, as Sysco is merging with US Foods in a deal worth $8.2 billion, and Whitewave Foods will acquire Earthbound Farm: (Forbes)

Not all superfoods are sourced from faraway exotic lands and cost a pretty penny--here are eight inexpensive ones to fill our shopping baskets with: (Huffington Post)

A Russian supermarket chain has introduced interactive kiosks that will create grocery lists for customers based on past purchases, recommend items that are in stock (and their location in the store), and suggest relevant recipes: (Adweek)