Kiko's Food News, 12.6.13

NASA announced plans to grow cress, turnips and basil on the moon, with a goal of assessing whether humans could one day live (and farm) there: (NPR)

A Mongolian BBQ restaurant is making a great statement on food waste by charging all-you-can-eat diners for any food left on their plates: (Los Angeles Times) 

Researchers have decided that the fungi and bacteria that grow on the surface of wine grapes in a particular region are what make its unique terroir; they affect the health of grapes and are eventually incorporated into the must, contributing consistently to a wine’s distinctive taste of place: (New York Times)

Germany's brewers are pushing to have their beer named to UNESCO's "intangible cultural heritage" list, which recognizes practices requiring urgent measures to keep alive; their strict beer purity regulations allow only four ingredients--water, malt, hops and yeast--to be used in the brewing process: (NBC News)

Diet-related diseases may take root in early childhood--even in utero--as studies show that babies born to mothers who eat a varied diet while pregnant and breast-feeding are more open to a wide range of flavors throughout life; exposure to a maternal junk food diet is being linked to children with a matching preference for junk: (New York Times)