Kiko's Food News, 3.15.13

 The future of fishing was foreshadowed in a “Trash Fish” dinner where fishermen, chefs, and environmental advocates dined on redfish, dogfish and pollock; for years these fish have been tossed overboard as waste, but the group aims to re-introduce them to the marketplace: (Boston Globe)

As more and more people go gluten free, this article bears a good warning about how to do it safely, without sacrificing essential fiber and nutrients: (Scientific American)

American vintners are going after younger consumers to keep their $33 billion industry growing, using more irreverent labels, easy drinking wines, and laid-back tastings to demystify the elite atmosphere surrounding wine: (San Francisco Chronicle)

Upscale resorts have added culinary classes for kids, like a Young Pastry Chefs program at the Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel where kids take home a monogrammed chef’s coat, chef’s hat, and recipes from the day: (ABC News)

Whole Foods has become the first US retailer to require labeling of all genetically modified foods in its stores, with a five year deadline: (New York Times)

Safeway’s confronting requirements to map their global supply chains in an effort to identify suppliers with suspect labor practices like human trafficking and slavery, and urging other huge chains to do the same: (Supermarket News)