Kiko's Food News, 3.22.13

 Eleven scary facts about what might be in your groceries without your knowing it–our job as grocers is to keep this out of your food! (Buzzfeed)

I had no idea that you can plant a clove of garlic, or the eye of a potato, and grow a whole plant–think about the money to be saved by growing veggies from food scraps: (Huffington Post)

Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and other large grocers have ponied up in a sign of the growing wariness about genetically modified food, announcing that they won’t sell genetically engineered salmon even if it’s approved: (San Jose Mercury News)

Reality check radio: despite the boost in sales and popularity of eating locally, evidence suggests that the U.S.D.A.’s programs to prop up small-scale farmers haven’t done enough: (NPR)

Proposed legislation known as the “Anti-Bloomberg Bill,” passed by an overwhelming margin in the Mississippi House, makes it illegal for local governments to restrict the sale of fatty or sugary foods based on their nutritional value: (Huffington Post)

This roundup of the Bay Area’s best urban farms included our 18 Reasons Farm School as a way to get your hands dirty: (Huffington Post)