Kiko's Food News, 3.29.13

 The news is a little late today as I’m busy readying for opening night of our Food & Farm Film Fest! Check out this teaser and buy your tickets for the movies this weekend–each comes paired with a bite from neighborhood chefs (we’re scooping ice cream at Sunday’s film about dairy farmers).

The Jewish food culture nut in me has loved the innovative ways people are combating the “matzo fatigue” that accompanies Passover; one entrepreneurial Atlanta couple mixed matzo with granola and their Matzolah is now sold across the country: (NPR)

And just like the famous Maxwell House coffee campaign of the 1920′s, marketers are taking advantage of growing interest in kosher foods; a new campaign for Temp Tee stars an American-born Israeli food writer/chef/founder of the Kosher Media Network; she offers video inspiration for kosher dairy dishes made with the whipped cream cheese: (New York Times)

Starbucks announced the purchase of its first farm, a 600-acre plot in Costa Rica, where they plan to grow their own coffee, cultivate new types of beans and test new defenses against crop diseases, with a goal of ethically sourcing all of their coffee beans by 2015: (Huffington Post)

Greenland is no farm country, but peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and other crops are increasingly easy to grow there as the climate warms: (Grist)

The largest Brazilian supermarket group says it will no longer sell meat from cattle raised in the rainforest, in hopes of cutting down on the illegal use of huge swaths of rainforest for pasture: (BBC)

I’m leaving the news desk for two weeks to become a certified yoga teacher–back with headlines 4/19!