Kiko's Food News, 4.19.13

Fairway, the 12-store grocery chain that started on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, went public and has ambitions of opening 300 stores across the country: (Dealbook)

With the success of companies like Whole Foods, Annie’s and Kashi, there’s now a market for fast-food chains that are not only healthful, vegetarian-friendly and humane, but cheap; Mark Bittman surveyed our country’s “nouveau junk food” scene: (New York Times)

One example is wraps: whether it’s because of the slender shape, lettuce peeking out, or expert marketing by McDonald’s, they’re perceived as a healthier choice than burgers and other carb-sandwiched entrees, but they’re just as caloric: (Bloomberg)

New findings suggest that just the smell of olive oil in our food can make us feel fuller–we don’t even need to eat it! (New York Times)

Grocery delivery may be appealing for a certain demographic, but this article explores the reasons it’s so challenging to both the shopper and the business that offers it: (Silicon Valley Mercury News)

Apparently the agency that sets national policy around GM foods isn’t above politics itself, as revealed by its removal of a member dietitian who pointed out that two other members had ties to Monsanto: (New York Times)

States are trying to restrict undercover operations by animal rights activists that ag industry groups say have led to unfair scrutiny; a proposed bill would make it illegal to covertly videotape livestock farms, or apply for a job at one without disclosing ties to animal rights groups: (New York Times)