Kiko's Food News, 4.26.13

 I can think of easier ways to get kicked out of a McDonald’s, but gotta love the way these Korean kids took a french fry promotion to a new level (I like to think they were making a statement about what can happen when fast food is priced too low for anyone’s good!): (Eater)

Although sending “untied” food aid (cash instead of commodity crops) strengthens farmers in malnourished areas internationally instead of undercutting them, the US is still tied to sending sacks of grain and legumes from America; now Obama’s proposing a modernization of our aid by upping our untied amount from 15% to 45% and asking US companies to provide not just commodities but also super-nutritious foods: (New York Times)

Time to revamp our health teaching force? A clinical trial found that having teens mentor younger students in nutrition and physical activity resulted in weight loss and other positive lifestyle changes, while the same curriculum taught by adults wasn’t as effective: (Ohio State University)

The Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive, a network and training program for college students starting food co-ops, launched a video on financial management that brings business terms to life for future sustainable food slingers: (Civil Eats)

“Malicious but delicious” foods, a class of invasive animals, fish and plants that throw the earth out of whack, are prized menu items for environmentally-savvy chefs: (New York Times)

Mini-Golf on South Van Ness? Urban Putt will, in true nouveau-Mission style, include a 70-seat restaurant and bar with cocktails by the Bon Vivants: (Tablehopper)