Kiko's Food News, 5.10.13

 This new photo series captures a week’s worth of groceries around the world to show the dietary habits of people in 20 countries; notice how prevalent American food products are, and which country is the most unhealthy of the bunch (wish I could say I was surprised): (Thought Catalog)

“A modern Walt Whitman with attitude,” Ron Finley is a celebrity urban gardener using his appearances on TEDx, the Russel Brand show and more to spread his message that edible gardens are the antidote to inner-city health issues and poverty with the tagline “if you ain’t a gardener, you ain’t gangsta”: (New York Times)

Seemed like only a matter of time before cooking schools got hip to the online party; now Top Chef, America’s Test Kitchen and a tech startup have launched online culinary programs: (Bloomberg Businessweek) is one of several multimillion-dollar retailers selling everything from chicken caviar treats to day-old birds to diapers for backyard coop owners: (NPR)

Chicago’s about to roll out a new “Chicago Grown” local food label, which backers believe will be the first label issued by a major city specifically to promote its urban ag culture: (Grist)