Kiko's Food News, 5.17.13

No farmers market in San Francisco has created more visibility and demand for Bay Area farmers than the Ferry Building–its 20th anniversary is worth celebrating tomorrow morning! (CUESA)

We may all agree that cooking at home more frequently can solve many a societal health problem, but how can people be enticed to prioritize spending their money and time on it? One solution, first raised 40 years ago, proposes that Americans be paid for cooking and other housework: (New York Times)

This week I was turned on to Cropmobster, a startup that’s dealing with agricultural and food surplus while addressing hunger and allowing farmers to become more viable; give them your email and you’ll get instant alerts whenever a farmer, grocer, or restaurant has enough excess produce to donate or sell at a deep discount: (Cropmobster)

The UN released a report that strongly suggests bug consumption as the way to curb hunger in developing countries and shrink waistlines in the Western world–guess I was testing the waters when I ate a cup of the bugs in this photo a year ago in Seoul! (San Francisco Chronicle)

 But do we actually need to worry about running out of food? With crops yields growing 1% or more a year and half the world’s food currently being wasted anyway, we may not have to resort to insects: (Forbes)

Check out the look on these kids’ faces when they taste a lemon or olive for the first time! This slow motion video reminds us how revolutionary food discovery is: (TEDx)