Kiko's Food News, 7.26.13

The yogi in me was struck by a new study which found that performing rituals before eating can enhance the perception of the food being eaten; whether it’s singing “Happy Birthday” or bowing to say a prayer, this can have economic and marketing implications beyond the food world: (Red Orbit)

While visiting Seattle this week (gorgeous!), I learned that their mayor wants to block a non-union Whole Foods from opening because it pays “significantly lower” wages and benefits than other grocery stores, violating the city’s social and economic justice goals: (Grist)

Pepsi’s Naked Juice line has been forced to strip the words "all natural" from its labels after a class-action suit deemed the claim misleading and false; the juices contain Fibersol-2, fructooligosaccharides, and genetically modified soy: (Take Part)

Clearly Pepsi’s feeling the pressure, as they and other industrial food giants are pouring resources into experimenting with ways to make products aimed at children healthier. Ever thought of subbing parsnips for butter and cream in your Alfredo sauce? (New York Times)

Two New York City hospitals have started a new program (developed by Wholesome Wave) whereby doctors will be able to prescribe $2 coupons for fruits and veggies to low-income patients who are overweight or obese to use at 142 farmers' markets throughout the city: (Council & Heal)