Kiko's Food News, 8.2.13

Thousands of fast-food workers across the country have been holding one-day strikes during peak mealtimes to demand much higher wages; none of the nation’s 200,000-plus fast-food restaurants are unionized, and the national campaign is asking for a living wage of $15/hour: (New York Times)

The Chronicle’s restaurant critic of 25+ years reflected on how technology has changed the way diners interact with restaurants and each other to alter the dining scene over the course of his tenure: (San Francisco Chronicle)

The average Frenchman these days eats only half a baguette a day, compared with almost a whole baguette in 1970 and more than three in 1900; to reverse this trend, the bakers’ and millers’ lobby is championing bread as promoting good health, good conversation and French civilization: (New York Times)

Have you noticed limited release ales, house coffee blends, signature oysters and other one-of-a-kind products named and customized for your favorite restaurant? These partnerships with small food makers are the newest way restaurants are brandishing their local chops: (Fox News)

Ever heard of an eggocado? Do avocado pancakes sound as velvety smooth to you as they do to me? Here are ways to get our favorite good-fat laden fruit into places I wouldn’t have guessed: (Huffington Post)