Kiko's Food News, 8.9.13

Nine years ago Congress asked the FDA to establish a definition for “gluten-free”, and this week they finally detailed the requirements: for a product to be marketed as “gluten-free”, “free of gluten,” “without gluten” or “no gluten” it must contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten: (Washington Post)

A study found that scientists who judge the safety of food additives work for the very additive manufacturers they're supposed to be regulating, and there's no requirement that they notify the FDA when they make a new additive: (USA Today)   

Uber cabs have caught on like wildfire, so what about an “uber” for food delivery? A New York City food co-op startup is scaling up the sharing of homemade food (with no money exchanged) to an entire city; the meal swapping aims to skirt the top-down regulation, processed meals, wasted leftovers, and anonymous relationships of our food system: (The Atlantic)

To see the world through the lens of home cooking, this photographer snapped grandmas in their kitchens alongside the most typical dish they feed to their families (remind me not to go to grandma's house in Iceland or Norway!): (Demilked

Picking up a friend at the airport just got a lot more fun: many airports are now allowing food trucks to set up shop in or near their cellphone lots! (USA Today)