Kiko's Food News, 1.10.14

A study found that poor people with diabetes are significantly more likely to go to the hospital for dangerously low blood sugar at the end of the month--when food budgets are tight--than at the beginning of the month: (New York Times)

Yes, young Americans are increasingly pursuing careers in agriculture, but do single farmers need to BYOB ("bring your own boyfriend") if they want to live off the land? My friend Kristina made this video to pose the question: (Youtube)

McDonald's announced its commitment to begin purchasing "verified sustainable beef" in 2016--but how will they do this if there isn't even a universal definition of sustainable beef? (Huffington Post) 

Anthony Bourdain has signed a deal to open a massive international food market in Manhattan, in hopes of "giving young chefs a showcase to strut their stuff" and bringing Asian and European hawker foods to New York: (Fox News)

Maybe he'll offer artichoke or pepperoni gelato, like some shops in Italy that are offering savory flavors--often with a wine pairing--to compete with the glut of sweet gelato shops! (New York Times)